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The 7 Things Always to Carry in your Wallet

Chris Bent

Posted on September 16 2013

By Chris Bent

There are few things men make sure they have before leaving the house. Keys- you wouldn’t get far without them, assuming you drive. Cell Phone- how the hell did my parents ever do it. And wallet- The 2”x3” fold of leather ceremoniously tucked in the same pocket before going out that’s your ticket to the world. Besides these three essentials, everything else lies in a grey area where shoes become a suggestion and pants are advised.

This list has been refined to the absolute essentials because space is the biggest factor. In researching this, I happened upon articles detailing the 10 things you should always have in your PURSE including backup shoes, a water bottle, magazine and an enormous umbrella. How posh. Men don’t have the pleasure of two gallon cargo pants, nor would it be a pleasure. I want to carry what I need and nothing more. I don’t care if it's cloudy with a chance of meatballs, I’m not bringing a fork.

Credit/Debit Card- Everybody above the age where they would rather have one dollar than one hundred pennies probably already carries one of these in their wallets. A fixture of capitalism, keep one or two around to provide a means to do all the fun things you want, all while hindering would-be muggers without Square card readers.

License- Like a fine wine, your license gets more valuable as it ages- so take good care of it. This is your ticket to fun between the ages of 16-23, a chore to get out between 23-30, then serves as a reminder of just how young you looked. I wouldn’t wish an unnecessary trip to the RMV on my worst enemy, so keep it  safe or better yet, order an extra for about $20 and keep the spare at your house so you will never have to go without.

AAA Card- If I had a nickel for every time AAA has to come to my rescue, I would have a dime. I drive a rather reliable car and have never had a flat tire, but the times I have needed them have made the $15 well worth it. The card covers the person, not the vehicle so keep it in your wallet for ease of mind that follows you everywhere.

Cash- It is always a good idea to carry a small amount of cash on your person at all time. Unforeseen cab rides, those "cash only" restaurants that are always so delicious, or a tag-sale gem, there are still those places in the world where only cash cuts it. Having $20 at all times will get you out of most jams. 

Library Card- This magical card grants you access to vast volumes of knowledge, large work spaces and free public restrooms. It will cost you 10 minutes, a signature and photocopy of your license so be sure to budget and plan ahead. I struggle to find a reason not to get a card unless you happen to be bibliophobic. Then don’t. To find your closest public library so you can get your read on, go here.

Passport Card- Suggested as a backup identification when traveling abroad, these identification cards can get you on a plane to any U.S. state or province without a passport. Good to keep one in a safe, accessible place, or in your wallet, they also hold the title as most badass looking form of identification.

Business cards- If pitbulls and posses beget street cred, business cards beget professional cred. You can purchase 100 for only $10 and are essential for anyone where networking is important to their job (everyone). Plus, it’s the easiest way to exchange contact information at the office, bar, concert, etc. 

The thing that didn’t make the list:

Condoms- Keeping a condom in your wallet at all times, while great to be optimistic, can be unsafe. The abuse a wallet takes in being sat on, thrown around and dropped is more wear and tear than the latex is designed for. It’s best to keep one in your pocket when you’re feeling lucky, which also avoids the “circle of life” imprint it can permanently leave in the leather when left in too long.

Pro Tip: To avoid accidentally pulling it out when fumbling in your pocket for the cab fare, wear tall socks and roll the top down over your preferred prophylactic. This will hold it securely while remaining out of the way. Plus, socks only come off at the end of the night, just when you need it ;)

I hope you found this blog useful for organizing your wallet to always be prepared whatever life throws your way. If you found this interesting, you might also like the multitool that fits in your wallet

P.S. I'm Chris, and this was my first ever blog post. Firstly I'd like to thank you for reading so I'm not just publicly talking to myself and secondly, please feel free to leave any thoughts!


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  • Tim: June 21, 2015

    I wanted to let you know about my experience with airport security.

    I love the idea and I bought a 10-pack a few years ago. I gave away most of them and most people really love it. I would say from a tool perspective that the most commonly used features for me are letter opener, bottle opener, and any corner of the tool to fish things out of tight spots.
    Now, about airports… I live in Taiwan. I travel throughout Asia and the US. In the US, I have never had a problem although I have had to explain what it is a few times. However, it’s a different story overseas. In detail:
    - Narita, Japan: my friend had his confiscated permanently
    - Taoyuan, Taiwan: I am asked EVERY time what it is and I have to explain it, they get a supervisor, the super hears my story, etc. I’ve never lost it there, but it wastes 10 minutes.
    - Singapore: I had mine confiscated but they put it in a little pouch that they sealed and gave to the flight crew, then I received it when I landed.
    - Penang, Malaysia: Many long explanations but I finally get it back

    So in summary, in Asia they have no idea what this thing is and it always causes a stir. I have learned a trick that has so far worked: I sandwich the Monkey between a mini external hard drive and a mini projector. There is so much circuitry around it that they just mistake it for part of the hard drive.

    Anyway, to anyone traveling outside the US, the words “it’s TSA compliant, it has no blade” are generally meaningless to airport security in other countries.

  • Ken Heise: November 26, 2014

    I like gadgets and tinker myself. Only tools I will buy now though are those that come with a holster or a rubber holder to protect one’s pocket. Wallet a bad idea for a guy whose wallet is already bursting as well as causing back problems if I drive with it in my back pocket. I wear a Gerber multi tool on my belt at home, but could carry this when out, IF it had a rubber case that it would fit in, to protect my pocket. Business looks good at Christmas, but I will pay a bit more for several with a case when you add it or make it an option for the tool.

  • Okella Wood: January 29, 2014

    I have used the Pocket Monkey for 2 years now. Before I would have the keychain tools and lost every one of them. With this little guy, I can do everything I could with keychain fob but without punching a hole in my leg if I fall of a bike. I can fix my glasses and open boxes with ease. In a pinch I have used it for fixing my bike (motorized of course) and was able to make it home. I can also cut my nails at anytime and still eat an orange. I might sound like I am trying to sell these for you but I am just being honest and have the gift of gab behind the keys. Thanks for this great idea and item. One thing, can you engineer a way to make the cell phone holder take more weight? I use a Motorola photon q and the credit card cannot hold…oh I just figured it out. Its the credit card’s fault. Never mind, your product delivers. Thanks

  • amy: December 11, 2013

    Hi! i was wondering about my order. I ordered 1x PocketMonkey 10-pack for $95.00 each on December 5 and still have not received any information of when it would arrive. I received confirmation that you received my payment but nothing else and there is no way of contacting you through your website. Please respond through my email.


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