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Bottle Berner

$12.00 $15.00



Open a beer with Bernie.

Show your support for Bernie Sanders with America's most progressive bottle opener.

We launched the Bottle Berner as a not-for-profit project to raise money for Bernie's campaign. After just a few weeks, we hit the maximum campaign contribution and donated it to Bernie. 

While the proceeds will no longer go to his campaign, they will go to a company that supports and embodies his ideas.  Zootility Tools is built around equality and sustainability - values that Bernie has been fighting for throughout his career. We're a small manufacturing company dedicated to creating jobs within the US, paying our employees a living wage, and developing our manufacturing processes with sustainability in mind. That's why we made the Bottle Berner: so you can celebrate, commemorate, and support Bernie's campaign. 

Made in the USA from heat treated stainless steel. The Bottle Berner is the size of a credit card, so you can carry it in your wallet wherever you go. 

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